Getting To Know The Barber Family

Southern Gospel Music has a rich heritage of family groups including the Rambos, Goodmans, Hinsons and many more. The Barber Family add their mark to that heritage with a sound that only comes from family harmony.  Based out of Gainesville, Georgia, the group consists of James and Brenda Barber along with their daughter Rebecca Barber Dempsey.

The Barber Family recently recorded their first ("One More River") and third ("Family and Friends") albums with Butler Music Group out of Nashville. Produced by award winning producer Les Butler, the albums feature songs from some of Gospel Music's top writers as well as several written by members of the group. "It's always an honor to work with people that truly believe what they are singing. You can feel that conviction in every song and every note they sing," stated Les Butler.

The family recorded their second (Rambos tribute "Garden of my Heart") and fourth ("A Glimpse of Heaven") albums with Jeremy Peace of Farm House Productions (formerly Starworxs Productions).  Rebecca had this to say about working with him, "Jeremy is not just an outstanding singer (formerly with such groups like The Kingsmen, Old Paths, and Lefever Qt), he is a great producer, and friend. We love working with him and love the unique style he brings to the table for our family. "


Brenda was born in Porterdale, Georgia and grew up in church, the daughter of Rev. C.R. and Louise Duke. The family moved to Gainesville, Georgia when Brenda was ten years old and her path into Gospel music would soon take shape.

Brenda was saved in eighth grade and soon began to sing as well as learn to play the organ. Joined by her sister and a friend, Brenda started a trio and by the age of fifteen, she had written her first song. Over her life, she has written over 20 songs including two on their new album.

Besides music, one of Brenda's passions is writting. She has penned several Christian novels. "I've always loved these types of books and I really enjoy writing them," stated Brenda. 


Although his parents were from Georgia, James was born in Downey, California. His parents found their way back to Georgia and were influential to his musical path. Both his parents played the instruments and his father played in a country band. Their house included a music room with a recording studio. James and his family spent many hours recording on reel to reel and developing his love of music.

James learned to play the guitar at six and the bass at eight. At twelve years old God would allow him to have an encounter with a country group that would force him to make a lifetime decision. While singing with his family at a local fair, a country group heard James play and offered for him to join the group. He let them know he wouldn't play country music. God soon opened the door for him to join a Gospel group, the Samaritans.

After school, James joined the Navy and while there he wrote his first song. Through the years, James has written several songs.

Like Brenda, James is an accomplished writer having written two business books in The Networking Guru series, Traits of Champion Networkers and The Next Level. Book 3 of the series Dominating Your Market should be available by January 2019. As VP of Training and Development for High Achievers, James is also in demand as a business coach, corporate trainer and motivational speaker.



Raised in a musical family, it's no surprise that Rebecca would follow in her family's musical footsteps.

Rebecca has been singing her whole life, but began taking a more active role in the church at the age of 12. Upon receiving her first solo, it lit a fire in her that couldn't be quenched; the anointing of God that comes when you sing His praises. From that moment, it became something she not only desires spiritually, but longs for each time she sings. 

Rebecca has performed as a solist, sang in the trio with her family, trios and ensembles at her local church, her church choir, and even sang in a couple out of state ensembles and mass choirs. 

She is married to Charles Dempsey. They have one son, Ethan Dempsey. The Dempsey family attends church at First Pentecostal Church of Buford, where Rebecca still occassionally sings with the choir. 

She loves a variety of music, but finds her roots in Southern Gospel. She grew up singing it, and it finds it's way into every part of her heart. She says that "The richness of the message, tied with the deep harmonies have their way of tugging at your heart strings and pulling you to the Creator."

Rebecca is also a small business owner, author, and songwriter.  Her song "No One's Too Broken for Grace"  is a testimony of the grace of God in not only the lives of others,  her own life. "I came to a point in dealing with chronic illness that I just felt broken... but God let me know one day through reading His word, that NO ONE IS TOO BROKEN FOR HIM!"


Fun Facts About The Barber Family